Agency life – 2nd quarter 2017

4 July 2017

Communication consulting and media relations for WAGO, Planzer and Wonderbox – End of the annual reports season (AVDEMS, FHV, ISREC Foundation, Pro Senectute) – Support for the committee of the “Moutier – Prévôté” campaign – Wind power “5 à 7” for the Direction de l’énergie of the Canton of Vaud (DGE – DIREN) – New members in our board of directors

From April to June 2017, our agency has :

  • updated the entire brand story of WAGO Contact SA for the 40th anniversary of the company’s presence in Switzerland, and helped them with media relations, their open day and an official event organised for this occasion.  The firm, which is an important employer in the Canton of Fribourg (500 employees) that manufactures high tech electrical component and exports 95% of its production abroad, also appointed the agency to help them write speeches and articles for the firm’s magazine and create a press kit from scratch (texts and images). Globally, WAGO employs more than 7600 people;
  • advised and supported Planzer for the first phase of its communication plan in the context of the inauguration, January 18, 2018, of the firm’s future “Centre Rail” in Penthalaz (VD). In May, the media was invited to a preview of the new building during the topping out ceremony. This logistic centre is designed especially for combined road and rail transport and will be the company’s largest in Western Switzerland (representing an CHF 80 million investment);
planzer_(c)_roland_j_keller_rke RK5_7425 - Version 2
  • witnessed the end of an intense and historical swiss political campaign at the end of which, on the 18th of June, the Moutier population decided – by a margin of just 137 votes – to join the canton of Jura. By the end of 2015, our agency provided advice and support on several occasions to the Moutier-Prévôté committee, which was in favor of Moutier staying in the canton of Bern. Substantial work was done by the agency in the beginning of the campaign to define strategic themes and develop arguments and counter-arguments with the committee’s internal and external resources (graphic design, web). The name of the committee, the signature and slogans of the campaign posters were also created in collaboration with ftc ;
  • managed media relations for Wonderbox on the occasion of the brand’s new “Wonder Woman” box launched in connection with the movie release and in collaboration with Warner Bros. ;
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Vie d'agence new CA

Manuel Donzé – Olivier Mark – Stéphane Wyssa

During the same period, we also provided various communication services (consulting, project management, writing) for the following clients :

Accuray International – APROMAD et Fondation Soins Lausanne – Association vaudoise d’établissements médico-sociaux (AVDEMS) – CFF (Chemins de fer fédéraux) – CIPRET Vaud – Comité Moutier-Prévôté – Commissions professionnelles paritaires de l’industrie vaudoise de la construction (CPPVD) – Diageo Suisse – Etat de Vaud – Fédération Vaudoise des Entrepreneurs (FVE) – Fondation Beau-Site – Fondation Eben-Hézer – Fondation ISREC – Fondation Maison de retraite de Burier – Hôpital Riviera-Chablais (HRC) – MERCURIS AVOCATS – Planzer – Promotion Santé Vaud – Pro Senectute Vaud – Siemens Suisse – Société vaudoise d’utilité publique (SVUP) – UCBA (Union centrale pour le bien des aveugles) – Ville de Carouge – Ville d’Yverdon-les-Bains – WAGO – Wonderbox