About us

  • ftc communication SA was co-founded in 1994 by Félix Teuber (1943-2021), one of the pioneers of public relations in Switzerland. We have been a 100% independent agency since 2008.
  • Lausanne-based with branches in Geneva and Neuchâtel, our agency is specialised in communication and public relations in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and benefits from a strong network of national partners.
  • Our small team of well-trained and highly experimented professionals is committed to providing a high level of service. Also, our agency is affiliated to PR Suisse (the Swiss professional association for public relations) and Leading Swiss Agencies. We are also certified according to the CMS III quality standard set by the International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO).
  • Over the years, we have been working with a wide range of clients and organisations, large or small (start-ups, SMEs, multinationals, NGOs), private or public, and supported them with projects of all kinds in all sectors of activities.

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Board of directors

We are an independent agency, 100% owned by the people who work here.

François Huguenet and Yan Luong are in charge of the agency’s operational management as co-directors.

The board of directors of ftc communication SA is composed of 5 members, 3 of which are outside directors, without any operational role. We thus guarantee the quality of the firm’s strategic management.