Crisis Communication

Professional support to help you identify threats, prevent and address crises

Our consultants have a broad experience in crisis communication for SMEs and multinational companies, as well as for private institutions and public authorities, especially in situations such as:

  • Major economic problems (collective redundancies, business transfers or cessations of activity)
  • Slander, reputational damage (in the press, on the internet, on social media)
  • Human tragedies (deaths, severe accidents)
  • Serious misconducts at the workplace towards internal or external stakeholders (ethical breach,  mobbing, abuse, embezzlement, etc.)
  • Faults and defects (food poisoning, negligence)
  • Destructions of facilities (fires)
  • Legal and political controversies


  • 24/7 crisis communication support and management
  • Threat identification and analysis, strategic monitoring/crisis communication plan analysis
  • Preparation and crisis communication training

Since 2021, ftc communication is Carelink’s partner for crisis communication in Western Switzerland.