On an ad hoc or long term basis, ftc supports companies, institutions and organisations with their communication campaigns, from design to implementation.

Crisis Communication

Professional support to help you identify threats, prevent and address crises

Our communication consultants have a broad experience in crisis communication for SMEs and multinational companies, as well as for private institutions and public authorities, especially in situations such as:

  • Major economic problems (collective redundancies, business transfer or cessation of activity)
  • Human tragedies (death, severe accidents)
  • Serious misconduct at the workplace towards internal or external stakeholders (ethical breach,  mobbing, abuse, embezzlement, etc.)
  • Faults and defects (food poisoning, negligence)
  • Destruction of facilities (fires)
  • Legal and political controversies


  • 24/7 crisis communication support and management
  • Threat identification and analysis, strategic monitoring/crisis communication plan analysis
  • Preparation and crisis communication training