ftc celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024

23 January 2024

The year 2024 is a special one for our agency, as ftc communication SA celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Throughout the year, our logo will include a reference to this milestone, which we are proud to pass (see image above). In short, ftc is today:

  • a complementary, well-trained and experienced team of around ten PR and communications specialists (8 FTEs), all with a thorough knowledge of French-speaking Switzerland and its economic, cultural, social, political and institutional particularities;
  • 3 points of contact in French-speaking Switzerland (Lausanne, Geneva and Neuchâtel) and a proven network of like-minded partner agencies in German-speaking Switzerland;
  • an average age of 43.8 (our youngest talent is 30, our most senior consultant turned 56);
  • 55 “active” customers, of different sizes and backgrounds, whom we thank for their trust and for whom we look forward to continuing to work. Over the past 10 years, thanks to them, both on the public and private sides, we have developed our expertise in the medical, medical-social, social, energy, land-use planning and mobility fields. Nevertheless, the agency remains fundamentally generalist, reflecting the diversity and richness of life in French-speaking Switzerland;
  • a state of mind always focused on quality and professionalism, in line with the practice and commitment of our founder Félix Teuber, who sadly passed away in 2021. He will long remain a source of inspiration for ftc, far beyond the acronymic brand he bequeathed us.

At the start of 2024, our team would like to extend its best wishes to you for the thirtieth time and wish you every success and prosperity in your projects. We look forward to seeing you soon to continue writing our history and, we hope, yours!