Siemens Switzerland

10 October 2019

Siemens Switzerland is one of our longest standing clients. Our first project with the company started in 1997 and was managed by FĂ©lix Teuber, the agency’s founder. Since 2005, the collaboration is ongoing even though it evolved over the years. Today, we mainly handle media relations in Western Switzerland as well as the editing and writing of the French version of Siemens’ corporate magazine (Monitor). The agency works hand in hand with the company’s communication team based in Zurich and with Western Switzerland’s management, which is based in Renens (Canton of Vaud).

Media relations in Western Switzerland

Siemens’ public relations in Western Switzerland have evolved quite a bit over the years, mainly because the company’s activities are now vastly different from what they used to be in 2005. For example, the first press conference our agency organised for Siemens was about promoting new mobile phone models designed by Siemens Mobile. This line of business was divested a few years later. Then, for a period of almost 10 years, ftc organised the company’s annual press conference reporting the financial results of the Swiss entity. Other events, such as press trips, were also put together exclusively for the French-speaking media. Gradually though, it became apparent that editors’ ever limited resources prevented a growing number of journalists from taking part in this kind of events
 Even though they were still interested in them. Today, we continue to work on Siemens Switzerland’s relationship with the French-speaking media. We just do it differently : on a one-off basis, in a more targeted manner.

Corporate magazine for clients in Western Switzerland

The « Monitor Â» corporate magazine (called « Convergences Â» until 2008 in the French-speaking part of Switzerland) touches on all Siemens’ businesses in Switzerland. The publication is available in two versions. The German version is edited by the company’s communication team, whereas the French version is written with the assistance of our agency. Monitor is distributed to Siemens’ clients and staff, as well as key opinion leaders. It offers global yet concise insights on the German Group, which is one of the largest industrial employer in Switzerland. Our agency produces pieces on Siemens’ French-speaking clients across  all sectors of activity and adapts or rewrites the articles written for the german version. Occasionally, ftc also writes pieces for Siemens’ other, more specialised corporate magazines.