Agency life – 4th quarter 2013

23 December 2013

Communication around the World Diabetes Day in the canton of Vaud (14 November) – Annual press conference for Siemens Western Switzerland – Conference for the Swiss Bar Association

From October to December 2013, our agency has :

  • set-up and organised a common communication between the Diabetes association of the canton of Vaud and the cantonal Diabetes Program for the World Diabetes Day, held on November 14. The press conference covered the indirect costs of the disease in the canton of Vaud and was also aimed at relaunching the online awareness campaign ” Test yourself !”.
Journée mondiale du diabète
  • organised Siemens’ Western Switzerland annual press conference (presenting the 2013 results of Siemens Switzerland);
  • devised and organised a conference on the stakes of media relations for the members of the Swiss Bar Association (in collaboration with our St-Gallen-based partner agency Alea-Iacta)

During the same period, we also provided various communication services (consulting, project management, writing) for the following client :

Association vaudoise du Diabète (AVD) et programme cantonal Diabète (PcD) – Association vaudoise d’établissements médico-sociaux (AVDEMS) – Centre Patronal – Commune de Bremblens – Département de l’intérieur de l’Etat de Vaud – Diageo – Etablissements hospitaliers du Nord vaudois (EHNV) – Fédération Suisse des avocats (FSA) – Fédération vaudoise des entrepreneurs (FVE) – Fondation Silo – Fondation Insieme – Portes des Iris – Silk and Cashmere – Service de la santé publique de l’Etat de Vaud – SIEMENS Suisse – Tiny Node.