Welcome to Svenn Moretti, Pascal Tanchoux and Bertrand Stämpfli!

26 September 2022

Over the summer of 2022, three new faces joined the team: Svenn Moretti, Pascal Tanchoux, and Bertrand Stämpfli. Welcome to them!

Svenn Moretti joined the agency in Lausanne as a project manager. He has a master’s degree in humanities (University of Neuchâtel, 2011) and a certificate in community management and social media (Cadschool, 2022). He has worked in the communication teams of the city of Aigle, the consumer federation for French-speaking Switzerland (FRC) and Unisanté.

Pascal Tanchoux and Bertrand Stämpfli joined the agency as external senior consultants. External consultants support and complement the agency’s permanent team as experts in a range of specific sectors or types of operations.

Pascal Tanchoux is an experienced specialist in corporate communication and marketing for large companies, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry (Bayer Pharma, Pfizer), food industry (Kraft Foods, then Mondelez), as well as in the engineering and construction (Ortec) sectors.

A former journalist (Tribune de Genève, RTS) and former head of communications at Geneva International Airport, Bertrand Stämpfli is a fine specialist in Geneva’s public affairs and aeronautics sectors. For the past few years, he has also been running several other projects in the field of gerontology.