Fabien Wildi

Project manager

  • Social Media Specialist (SAWI, 2019)
  • Master’s Degree in Language and Communication Sciences (UniNE, 2017)
  • Experience in print journalism and promotion agencies

Currently a Project manager, Fabien Wildi has been a Social Media Specialist since January 2019. Fabien first joined ftc communication in August 2017 as an intern. He graduated from the University of Neuchâtel, where he obtained in 2017 a Master’s Degree in Language and Communication Sciences, with theoretical and applied orientation as well as English linguistics. Two years earlier, he got his Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Sciences, English Language and Literature and Sociology for the secondary option.

Passionate about writing, he has several experiences in print journalism, notably as a freelance writer for a regional newspaper. He also regularly fed the online student journal. In parallel to his studies, he worked with several promotion agencies, mostly active in the event industry.