Yves Vulcan

Senior consultant

  • 25 years of experience in marketing, PR, media and on & offline communication
  • Communication Director Diploma (SAWI/SPRI, 2004)
  • Federal Diploma in Business Communication Consulting, Head of Advertising (2005)

After a degree in business communication & public relations and a federal diploma as a marketing technician, Yves Vulcan worked for eight years as a communications manager, then as manager of the cantonal office in charge of promoting fruit and vegetables from the Vaud region. With this experience and enriched with new skills, Yves Vulcan becomes a confirmed specialist in corporate communication.

In 2003, he took over Darwel Communication, an agency specialising in public relations, media relations, strategic consulting and event organisation for the watch industry and in operation since 1969. Thanks to his network of watch brands and his media knowledge, Yves quickly succeeded in putting his name and that of Darwel on the communication and product PR map, both nationally and internationally. Today, Darwel also owns and manages www.swisstime.ch, the Swiss watch industry’s benchmark media platform.

In 2004, Yves earned a Communication Director Diploma (SAWI/SPRI), followed in 2005 by the Federal Diploma in Business Communication Consulting, Head of Advertising. During his 18 years at the head of Darwel AG, he has assisted almost 50 brands in the development of their PR strategies and their global roll-out – a track record that makes him a creative and strategic professional, armed with all it takes to convey your communication messages and develop your ecosystem effectively.

While remaining the owner of Darwel, which will henceforth focus its offer on solutions and content distribution tools for international watch brands, Yves Vulcan joined ftc communication as a senior consultant in January 2020.