Public affairs

In the field of public affairs in Switzerland, we support public authorities, parapublic organisations, interest groups as well as private companies.

Our agency offers the following range of services:

Research & Analysis

  • Choice and implementation of quantitative and qualitative analysis tools (population, influencers, decision-makers)
  • Situation analysis & report

Strategic advice

  • Strategic communication for any project with a political dimension
  • Communication programs and concepts
  • Training and coaching of spokespeople

Campaign design & management

  • Local, cantonal or federal votes (initiative, referendum)
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Arguments and messages
  • Visual design and production of campaign materials (online and print)
  • Advertising
  • Social¬†media

Explanatory or synthesised  documents

  • Arguments for voting brochure
  • Legislature program
  • Non-technical¬†documents for the public, influencers (media) or decision-makers
  • Explanatory videos

Event planning

  • For the population (information sessions, visits, exhibitions, etc.)
  • For partners or decision-makers (workshops, presentations)
  • For the media (press conferences)


Main thematic skills

Land use planning, Construction and housing, Health & social, Energy & transport, Institutional relations