Grégoire Loretan


  • Over 10 years experience in Corporate Communications in the private sector (international companies and SME)  and as a freelance specialist
  • Solid experience in communications in highly complex sectors such as energy/utilities and aerospace
  • Graduate in Communication, Sociology and Journalism (Fribourg, 2003) and Postgraduate in Social Sciences (Diploma delivered by the Universities of Western Switzerland, 2006)

After graduating from College (MA in Communications, Sociology & Journalism, Fribourg, 2003 and postgraduate in Social Sciences, Western Switzerland Universities DEA, 2006) with an experience as a Research Assistant at the University of Fribourg, Grégoire Loretan joins Energie Ouest Suisse – EOS in 2007 as Communications Manager. He becomes a specialist of communications in energy, a field with a complex mix of technological, environmental, financial and political factors. In the context of the forthcoming merger between EOS and Swiss German Atel, he becomes a member of the working group in charge of developing the new Alpiq brand, officially launched at the end of 2008. This rebranding work of the company, at the time Swiss leader in power generation and active in 30 countries, received an international award in 2010.

At Alpiq, Grégoire Loretan becomes in charge of the communications related to Swiss assets and projects (Head of Asset Communications at Alpiq’s Corporate Center in Olten). He leads global communications projects, from the strategic development to the implementation of key measures (events, print or web). He also manages surveys to understand the worries of Swiss citizens regarding energy supply. In 2011, he becomes Head of Public Relations for Alpiq Switzerland and among others organizes the General Assembly of Alpiq in Lausanne (1000 shareholders and guests).

In 2013, Grégoire Loretan takes on a new challenge, this time for a Swiss start-up. He becomes Head of Communications and spokesperson for the aerospace company Swiss Space Systems – S3 developing an aircraft carried suborbital reusable shuttle for the launching of small satellites into orbit. This one of a kind company receives a lot of media attention in Switzerland and all over the world. In this small structure, he first manages all the communications by himself and among others organises international events in the US (Cape Canaveral) and Russia (Sochi Olympic Games). This aerospace project requires a lot of funding and the company has trouble attracting enough investors to develop its activities according to plans. He leaves the company in 2015 after 2 years of hard work. He then spends 2 years in the US, working as a freelance communications specialist.

Back in Switzerland, he is hired by ftc communication as a Consultant in January 2019. He works for a wide variety of clients, active in the fields of energy, health, land use planning, local governance or new technologies (e-learning, direct marketing and geo-intelligence). He particularly advises and supports them in 360° communication strategies, media relations and political communication.

In his private life, Grégoire Loretan is passionate about the arts, notably doing illustrations and collecting rare vinyl records.