Camille Giovannini


  • Master in Public Policy and Management (IDHEAP/University of Lausanne, in progress)
  • Bachelor in Political Science (University of Lausanne, 2017)
  • BTS in visual communication (Afip Formations, Lyon, 2012)

Camille Giovannini joins the agency as an intern in 2020 after a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and on the way to complete a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management.

Driven by an artistic flair, she first began a student career oriented towards visual communication. A new interest for the study of various societal issues then spurred her to study political science at university. Finally, Camille undertakes a Master’s degree in public policy and management, with a specialisation in public communication.

Highly interested in public health issues, she is currently working on her thesis on mental health promotion policies in the workplace.