Us. And you?

What do you expect from a communication and PR agency as a customer? Are we made to work together? To help you make your choice, here is what sets us apart.

We love job well done.

This is our Swiss character. We like things well done and believe in the value of work. We are demanding with ourselves. We will always pay attention to the conditions of quality work, in order to help you achieve your goals. Our professional approach has made the difference for more than 20 years. We will be the “quality guarantee” of your policy and your communication actions.

We like to act, but we prefer to think before.

The risks of crisis due to miscommunication have become very important and global. Not to mention efficiency problems. Before acting, we will take time, with you, to understand the situation, evaluate alternatives and agree on the real meaning of the actions to be implemented. We are loyal and will never advise you to set up communication actions that we consider unnecessary, inadequate, too expensive or risky.

The truth is very important to us.

We respect both our customers and their stakeholders. As a member of the Swiss Association of Public Relations Agencies BPRA ( and collective member of the Western Switzerland Public Relations Society (, as well as the Swiss Public Relations Association (, we respect the ethical and deontological rules of our profession. Even for you, we will not lie. But we will do everything to make known or to restore the truth.

We love helping our customers, their products and projects to be known and valued. And to help them interact with their stakeholders.

We will do everything we can to help you get known by your targets and stakeholders, so that they will value you and adhere to your projects. We will help you to create content that interests and seduces them. But we will also be attentive to allowing you to maintain an active and profitable dialogue with them in the long term, on social networks as in real life.

We know our strengths and our limits.

Our team is distinguished by a high level of training and experience in communication, a great diversity of profiles, as well as a very good knowledge of the challenges of many sectors and many regions in French-speaking Switzerland. But we cannot and do not know how to do everything.

For mandates beyond our geographical or professional limits, we will not hesitate to put at your disposal a network of high quality partners to act on the whole country, as well as on the international level, or to make you benefit from specific skills.


Interested? We are looking forward to meeting you.